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Who knows what he was doing and now he’s dead for it so they’re starting to come through the gate right now reaper has somehow managed to kill Farah which evens things out a little bit which is good and so right now we kind of don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves what we should do is just jump over here like immediately because over here is Deva tracer has been fighting over.

In this area so it’s just mercy with Zara right now saris got no charge so she can’t protect the mercy we could have just jumped on the mercy as soon as this fight over here broke out and then we probably killed the mercy because she’s only God’s are you to try and peel us off and if not we can always just jump away and these things go really really bad we do have primal rage in our back pocket as well but realistically we could probably just try to kill the mercy right there or at least apply a lot of pressure.

To her and Zara so instead we just kind of stand around posturing sating around some people again we don’t get too terribly much done right there we’re doing a lot effrontery posturing which Winston is pretty bad at because he’s a pretty soft tank we’re usually looking for ways Roget onto the back line and bully them around as much as possible so over her ewe see mercy we go in and try and ether we get kind of blocked.

Off by the pulse bomb now we’re jumping back overhear again we didn’t get too terribly much accomplished right there because she managed to get away from us in the pulse bomb kind of zone this off now a lot of Ultimate are happening over here we use our primal rage while.