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This on your hair for like minutes I just put it on like it’s the beginning of the shower and leave it in until I get out and then you take it out in your hair is really smooth but on these days don’t expect to have like a lot of volumes when.

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You get out of the shower because of it will kind of leave your hair really soft and so just be aware of that before using like a reality this goes for any conditioning treatment If you want a conditioning treatment that’s like even more intense like an overnight mask there’s nothing better than I found the coconut oil this is just liquid coconut oil and I’m dropping everything just like You put lotion on dry skin Luxury Salon Products and not on your skin is wet you want to put a hair mask on your hair when.

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It’s dry, not wet so usually what I do is the night before when my hair is dry I take the coconut oil and I put all through my hair luxury salon products and then I put a loose bun on top of my head I put the towel down on my pillow and then I go to sleep with damask on and this has worked for better.

Than any other mask I’ve tried so many masks and this is incredible at least my hair so so so soft and If you want like a Luxury Salon Products little-added bonus to help hair growth you can mix in some castor oil and just massage it into your roots then rinse it out in the morning now that you guys shampoo.