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He plus preventive services and the special care services include preventative x-rays some electric diagram I pressure test and additional urine testing so this would be the next plan that I move Marley and Zoe up to so  these are all the plans that we offer and then with the different plans you get a different percentage off so for-instance for Marley and Zoe.

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I get off nearly all other products and services that include like medicines and things like That and with very I Recipe Magazine Online will get additional off of all other products and survive so these are all the plans that Danielle does offering with their optimum wellness so.

I’m going to be going over all the pros and cons that I have with being with this bonus plan for almost a year Magazine Online for a movie over year North air March so we will have been on the fantail on the plan for a year March so this is just some of the thing that I’ve noticed within.

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The last year so the first thing I have on my progress is affordable pet care it’s about  two  dollars a Magazine Online month for your pet which is extremely affordable if you have an emergency or anything like.

That you don’t have to Magazine Online worry about paying$ Betsy please go see in your regular bed the next thing that I have is that that clean say and neuters are included if you guys don’t know vaccine can get extremely pricey with Marley and Zoe I don’t have a wellness plan so I did have to take on.

The back seems out-of Magazine Online pocket and I would go to a day and have a hundred and sixty dollars for any their vaccine so I can cash you get very pricing I have them do That and say neutered of course some are cheaper on my first day or my first meter at Marley I Magazine Online didn’t have any ideas about New town’s I almost say that dermatologist which is a slide but with Zoe I got little bit smarter and it was about maybe .