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Your body will then adapt  and adrenal fatigue solution raise the blood pressure adapt for that position change because if you did not adapt to that gravity stress There won’t be enough blood flow in your brain and you will pass outs the symptom of dizzy when you stand Adrenal Fatigue Solution  up too fast or does it you get that so that’s a good way to see if your body is adapting another way you could run up. 

Adrenal Fatigue Solution

The stairs we know that’s the adrenal issue or heavy legs some people will get up too fast and they can even pass out that’s an adrenal weakness because it because what happens The adrenal gland has an outside this is all gland tissue and they ‘re both on the kidneys and it has an inside the Adrenal Fatigue Solution  Darin gland is the only gland that has two parts and inside and outside.

The outside is all gland tissue produces hormones but the inside is all nerve-tissue I don’t know if you knew Adrenal Fatigue Solution  that so it’s all nerve tissue in there so it has a kind of a double thing.

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The nerve tissue inside the adrenal produces hormone like messages and they’re called negro Adrenal Fatigue Solution  transmitters adrenaline-nor adrenaline serotonin dopamine Gage those are all neurotransmitters an Adrenaline is a stress hormone adrenaline is there to help neurologically activate certain things like.

I mean think about they’ll even give people an Pepin epinephrine to help them breathe  if they have an allergy they’ll even inject the heart with adrenaline to open up the blood flow so in other Adrenal Fatigue Solution words, this tissue on the inside is part of the adrenal system of the stress response.