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If you have some people that are in that field send them to us we’ll take care of them there’s the old tactics of going to the supplier and meeting some crews and stuff like that but I kind of find that a little bit too much going after somebody else’s guy.

And I don’t believe in that a whole lot I’d rather go get them in a different way and a different fashion the other thing is you know our cities especially when you’re dealing with storm damage you have this large change in volume you start to run short of supply of crews think about advertising in other cities.

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That are cities that do get damaged but may not have damage that year and these guys are starting to get desperate for work we can interview them and bring them in and see if we can get them working there in our locale well I really like that idea of going to the local church I mean that’s just that’s very clever.

That just you feel like well you kind of get someone who could speak to even just meeting someone in that context would almost set up a different kind of relationship with that crew then if you bumped into them at the supplier or if they just responded to a random add you kind of you’re almost a sort of part of their community.

At that point it you know not you’re not fully involved in it but that’s that is just really did you think I’m really using that kind of is the goal with your cruise is to be involved with them and their community and their families one of the things that we did on a consistent basis every single year twice your memorial day and labor day.

We brought all the crews out to my place we’d usually have three or four hundred or guys there and we’d have a big barbecue which you trap we do all kinds of games and things like that and get to know their families would be more than just a Studebaker where’s your order go work making sure that when they’re out on the job.

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