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To four inches light mulch keep it away from the base of that trunk and godhead and stake that tree a smaller tree generally not necessary and that freewill do great for you in contrast to the container I stock what we have here is what’s called a bag tree or root maker tree where the root system is created through an air pruning method the benefits of using stock like this is itproducesroot system that’s more fibrous typically better developed and that establishes quicker and easier in your landscape compared to container rice stock you eliminate the problems of containerized girdling roots it’s easier to plant the tree at the proper location in your landscape because you can seethe root system better and all in all it’s just a real.

Good product to look Nebraska tree nursery at so remember right tree right place right way and if you’re going to plant a tree make sure you do it the right way the first time you’re putting something in-the landscape that’s going to give us generational benefits for decades and decades to come and you shouldn’t take any shortcuts get a dollar plant dig a dollar hole and really invest the time into putting in your landscape the proper way remember Arbor Day is just around the corner look in your landscape find a place for a tree a shrub and go for it plant a tree in your yard today these are jackpot bro backs this is textile grow container that revolutionizing the production of nursery production or plants it’s it’s Avery poorest container that allows.

complete aeration grow bags of the of the root zone which encourages root growth and microbiological activity within the the growing media we’ve found after about two years of using these bags that the rate of growth and the size of plants that we can grow in these bags is tremendous we have some of the benefits of using these containers is that you can you know it’s a great height for you.

For growing veggies in for using as likes vegetable garden you can contain the soil that’s in there the medium it you know in a in a normal growing container like those boxes they have solid sides that uh that impede the aeration of the soil medium so you have to use very very well aerated mediums it also the roots when they when they grow out of the treat hits the side of the box or the container goes down to the bottom and does a spiraling action which.


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